Kalamata and Kefalonia among world’s most scenic locations for driving

The DiscoverCars.com vehicle rental website has asked over 140,000 visitors to rate driving in different cities and regions around the world to create a list of the best scenic locations for 2022, and Kalamata and Kefalonia found themselves in the top 10. The Peloponnesian city came in sixth in spontaneous responses by those polled, while the… … Läs mer

Greece's Top 5 Destinations to Experience Greek Easter

There is something extra special about Greece over the Easter period, with so many religious festivities taking place and centuries-old traditions and customs coming to life during Greek Orthodox Easter. Holy Week is one of the country’s greatest celebrations, commemorating the Passion of Christ and celebrating His Resurrection on Easter Sunday. Here is our pick of… … Läs mer

On this day. Battle of Kalamata took place on 23 March 1821

The Battle of Kalamata took place on 23 March 1821 between the Greek irregular revolutionary forces and the Ottoman forces of the city. It was one of the first events of the Greek War of Independence. The result was the capture of the city by the Greeks. Kalamata became the first city to be liberated.… … Läs mer

On this day in 1821, Greek War of Independence starts in Mani

On the 17th March 1821, war was declared on the Turks by the Maniots at Areopoli, in the Peloponnese capital of Mani. An army of 2,000 Maniots under the command of Petros Mavromichalis, which included Kolokotronis, his nephew Nikitaras and Papaflessas, advanced on the Messenian town of Kalamata, which had an Ottoman garrison and they… … Läs mer

Why Kalamata Olives are one of the healthiest foods on earth

Kalamata olives are only found on the Peloponnese peninsula in southern Greece and have played a part in the human diet for thousands of years. Growing under the amazing Greek sun, the olive trees here have much larger leaves than other types of olive trees around the nation and the world and absorb more sunshine.… … Läs mer

Celebrating Panagia Ypapanti, Protectress of Kalamata

“Ipapanti tou Sotiros” is one of the largest cathedrals in Messinia and celebrates its Feast Day on February the 2nd, when thousands of devoted Greek Orthodox Christians from all over Greece come to pay their respects. Built in 1839 and consecrated in 1873, the layout is traditional Byzantine style and inside the church resides the ancient… … Läs mer

Lufthansa to fly directly to city of Kalamata; Skiathos, Samos added

German airline Lufthansa has announced direct flight from Munich to Kalamata as part of its six new summer destination schedule for 2022. According to the press announcement,  the new service to Kalamata will operate once a week, every Saturday, from May 7 to October 29. The flight will depart Munich International Airport at 15:10, arriving at… … Läs mer

Exhibition of sculptures by Nikos Floros extended to December 31, 2021

In celebration of the 200-year anniversary of the Greek War of Independence of 1821, the unique sculptures of internationally recognized sculptor, Nikos Floros, are presently exhibited at the Museum of Traditional Hellenic Dress, Victoria G. Karelia, in Kalamata, Greece. Many dignitaries have visited the exhibition, including recently, the President of Greece, Honorable Katerina Sakellaropoulou. Due… … Läs mer

Celebrating Greek Olive Oil

You can’t think of Greece without thinking of its olive oil, or “liquid gold” as it is often described. Landscapes blanketed in endless olive groves reflecting silver-green in the sunlight, where trees born hundreds of years ago stand snarled and proud, are a characteristic image of a country known for its exemplary diet, chiefly owing… … Läs mer